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Unless you’ve been through it, you can’t understand it. It’s that simple.

Grief is not something you understand from a distance.

Learn from a fellow traveler’s down-to-earth approach to healing. STUNNED by Grief is realistic and revealing. You’ll discover what to expect. And you’ll find tools and tips to remap your life. 






When you’re devastated by loss, what good is a journal?


This journal will help you cut through the pain that isolates and freezes you—and get to the heart of what really matters.

Writing about your loss is one of the most important things you can do. It’s key to tapping into your grief, working through it, and releasing what’s buried deep inside.




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This October, libraries across the United States will host local Indie Author Day events designed to bring local writing communities together to participate in author panels and events.

Judy was one of eighteen Orange County authors selected to participate in the Anaheim Central Library’s 1st Annual Indie Author Day.  The event is being held on Saturday, Oct. 8 – from 11AM to 2PM.  For details, click here – Indie Author Day 2016 – Anaheim Central Library


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If you’re going through grief, this blog is all about you.  Our goal is to focus on your questions, concerns, struggles, triumphs, and the countless issues you face.

We hope you’ll feel at home here!

We extend a warm welcome to you …

The ‘I’ Word You Never Expected with Grief

admin : August 25, 2016 2:36 pm : Adjustments, Changes, Coping with Grief, Effects of Grief, Emotions, Remapping, Stunned by Grief

person sitting alone on stairs_black and white

What is the ‘I’ word you never expected with grief?  Is it ‘indecision?’  No, that’s not surprising.  So many things changed along with your loss – so indecision on your part is not unexpected.  How about being ‘incapacitated?’  Well, you certainly may feel weakened or powerless in the face of your loss, but that’s not unexpected either.  more »

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The ‘A’ Word No One Wants to Face in Grief

admin : August 11, 2016 3:03 pm : Adjustments, Changes, Coping with Grief, Decisions and choices, Stunned by Grief

Letter A sitting on top of desk

What’s the ‘A’ word no one wants to face in grief?  And what’s the ‘A’ word those of us who have been through grief have had to wrestle with, time and again?  Who anticipated so many unexpected surprises, upsets, and fears associated with this word?

  more »

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Is There a Shortcut through Grief?

admin : July 18, 2016 11:37 am : Changes, Coping with Grief, Decisions and choices, How to help grievers, Shortcut through grief, Stunned by Grief

Sun inside heart against sunset_shortcut through grief

How many of us have wondered, “Is there a shortcut through grief?” – and desperately wished that somehow, some way, we’d discover that quicker way.  more »


STUNNED By Grief is available in print or electronic edition at your local independent bookshop, barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, indiebound.org, iTunes, Kobo, ipgbook.com/bennettknepp-publishing-publisher-BKN.php, and elsewhere.