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Unless you’ve been through it, you can’t understand it. It’s that simple.

Grief is not something you understand from a distance.

Learn from a fellow traveler’s down-to-earth approach to healing. STUNNED by Grief is realistic and revealing. You’ll discover what to expect. And you’ll find tools and tips to remap your life. 



When you’re devastated by loss, what good is a journal?

“This journal will help you cut through the pain that isolates and freezes you—and get to the heart of what really matters.

Writing about your loss is one of the most important things you can do. It’s key to tapping into your grief, working through it, and releasing what’s buried inside.


On Mon., Mar. 31, 5:00PM (PDT) Judy was Karyn Beach’s guest on
Get It Together Girl Radio – (click here to access the program)

On Mon., Mar. 17, 2:00PM (PDT) Judy returned as a guest on Military Mom Talk Radio
with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd – (click here to access the program)

On Wed., Feb. 5, 4:40PM (PST) Judy was Denise Messenger’s guest on the program
Health Media Now Radio – (click here to access the program)

On Fri., Jan. 31, 1:30PM (CST), Judy returned as a guest on Life’s Issues with Lloyd Rosen -
discussing critical information about grief – (click here to access the recording)

On Thurs., Jan. 9  - Todd Weaver of Tremendous Life Radio interviewed Judy
on the topic “The Truth about Grief and Why It Matters” – (click here for the recording)

Photo from 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Awards Ceremony!
Stunned By Grief captured the Gold Medal in the Nonfiction – Grief category. We’re honored and humbled by the award. 


Readers' Favorite Awards, Gold Medal for Nonfiction-Grief, Judy Brizendine receiving gold medal, Debra Gaynor


O.C. Register – Saddleback Valley News (Lake Forest | Laguna Hills edition – Reporter Sarah de Crescenzo wrote an article about Judy and Stunned By Grief that was published on November 1.  The article,  “Writer’s mission is getting others through grief” is also archived on ocregister.com (where the full article is available to Register subscribers).

 Link: O.C. Register – Writer’s mission is getting others through grief

Judy spoke at the Widows Supporting Widows group at Saddleback ChurchThe newly formed group meets the first Saturday morning of the month – and it’s a wonderful, warm and safe place for widows to connect with others who truly understand what they’re going through.

Judy speaking at Saddleback Church

O.C. Register – Saddleback Valley News (Lake Forest | Laguna Hills & Mission Viejo editions) - on the Voices page – Judy wrote a guest column about her grief journey that was published on September 6.  The article is archived on ocregister.com (where the full article is available to Register subscribers). Hope you’ll take a look!

Link:  O.C. Register – Coping with grief is a choice


Judy was honored to speak at Arbor Christian Fellowship in Lake Forest, CA – at the Ladies’ Christmas Tea.  The tea was a beautiful event, and although the weather was cold and rainy outside, the atmosphere inside was warm and friendly.



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If you’re facing grief, this blog is all about you—and focusing on your questions, concerns, struggles, triumphs, and countless issues your journey brings.

We hope you’ll feel at home here!

We extend a warm welcome to you …

Outstanding List of Online Resources for Coping with Grief

admin : March 14, 2014 7:55 pm : Attitude, Changes, Coping with Grief, Decisions and choices, Effects of Grief, Hope, Needs of grievers, New directions, Relationships, Response to tragedy, Stunned by Grief

metal container filled with bright yellow sunflowers_grief_copingI’m always watching for outstanding resources to recommend, and the article discussed in this post is filled with 115 helpful websites on grief and bereavement. I believe this list represents a collection of some of the very best online resources available for coping with grief and bereavement.

In this article on the MastersInCounseling.org website, you will find a wide range of resources directed toward grief brought about by a variety of life events, including but not limited to death. You’ll find information to help you understand, guidance to help you cope, and a supportive community so you know you are not alone.  Within the grief community I have found some of the most caring, compassionate, and giving people I’ve ever met — folks who have faced the effects of grief in their own lives and are passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge to support others who now face grief.

more »

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New Year, New Beginning — and We’re All in this Together!

admin : February 5, 2014 6:41 pm : Changes, Decisions and choices, Hope, New directions, Stunned by Grief

By Judy Brizendine

Leaves with gold, green and red highlights and light shining through_ hope_new beginningSomething about the idea of a new year, new beginning captures my mind and sends me down a road of reflection.  What will this year bring?  Where will we be this time next year?  What will have changed?  What would we like to change?  What do we plan to change?

Last year I purchased two little white erase boards. They’re small – about 5“ x 8” – but I love making my ‘to-do’ list on these boards, crossing out what I’ve completed, and finally erasing those items and starting again. I know this sounds really silly, but I take great pleasure in using these little zebra-edged boards to plan my activities and then wiping the boards clean and starting over. The action clears my mind! That’s how I think of a new year, new beginning. A fresh, blank slate. A new opportunity. more »

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Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress When You’re Grieving

admin : December 20, 2013 11:10 pm : Coping with Grief, Holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, Stunned by Grief

evergreen trees covered in snow, stars, magical winter sceneI was invited to write a guest post for Fairhaven Memorial’s Grief Blog.  The title of the article is “Reduce Stress by Focusing on Realistic Expectations.”  The holiday season is stressful for most of us, yet when you’re grieving, even more anxiety comes to the surface.

I hope you’ll click on the link below and read the entire article.  Perhaps you also know someone else who would benefit by seeing the article — and you’ll consider sharing it with them.

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed holiday.

Here’s the link:  Reduce Stress by Focusing on Realistic Expectations

Photo courtesy of bing.com

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