thorny_cactus_heart_grief_Mothers Day_Judy Brizendine

closeup of thorny green cactus heart

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2 Responses to “thorny_cactus_heart_grief_Mothers Day_Judy Brizendine”

  1. Jepang says:

    When I lost the woman I loved I felt compelled to talk about it and I rhecaed out to any and everyone within my circle just to express how I felt. As time progressed people started to avoid me especially some family members. I purchased the book the grief recovery method, and it helped me to understand what I was gong through especially with my roller coaster emotions. I felt that the information gave me guidelines in dealing with this most difficult time. I now understand why many avoid people in pain who are grieving and it is due to a variety of reasons which we may never know but once we are given the knowledge of how to go through the process, we will have the basic foundation and knowledge for future losses which we will experience for certain. I learned most people are not equipped to help those in the grief process and that’s a fact.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jepang,

      You’re so right–most people are not equipped either to cope with grief themselves or to help someone else who is grieving. We don’t generally learn about grief or talk about it until we’re faced with it ourselves and reach a point where we know we have to figure out what’s happening and what to do. Thankfully, there are some excellent books and resources to help us. We need to learn about what to do and learn about grief itself to be able to understand all of the unexpected things going on inside of us.

      I’m glad you found the help you need. Perhaps you’ll be able to help someone else, too, when they need it. I’m very sorry for your loss, Jepang.

      God bless you,

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