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Grievers Long for Someone to Listen

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Tan puppys sweet face resting on concreteThe most common complaint and disappointment I hear from grievers is that no one will allow them to talk about their loved one who died — or to talk about their loss.

Grievers need to talk! People around them are uncomfortable bringing up the subject, or they’re afraid they will upset the person and cause them to cry. It’s okay! The griever is already upset, and if he or she happens to cry while talking, that’s okay, too. Talking and crying are healthy and helpful for someone who is grieving. If anyone starts to cry, just be compassionate. Hugs are comforting, too.

If friends and family members understand how crucial it is for grievers to have someone to talk to, perhaps they will be more willing to ignore their own discomfort and encourage the griever to talk.