Grief Is Sudden and Shocking – Coping with Grief

Photo of American flagNo one is ever ready to face the grief of loss. And when it happens, it’s typically shocking, surprising, and sudden.

The August 6 deaths of thirty-eight people on a military helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan were a jolting reminder of the way grief invades our lives. We’re seldom prepared for the toll it will take on us — and how it changes everything instantly.

If you haven’t faced a devastating loss before, grief is a confusing stranger. When it happened to me, I didn’t understand, and I didn’t know what to do or think. Even if you’ve already faced grief and you have an idea what to expect, the pain is no less real when it strikes again — nor is the remapping process any less needed. There’s a path to follow to reach a place of peace and renewal once more.

Have you met grief? Please don’t try to face it alone. Let us help you find your way.

© 2011 Judy Brizendine

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