Stunned by Grief book cover image STUNNED By Grief
Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything
Judy Brizendine

STUNNED By Grief is a highly focused, conversational book that cuts through the clutter and zeroes in on “flashpoint” issues critical to a griever’s healing. It’s realistic. Revealing. Practical.

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October 2011 | Nonfiction
Self-Help | Inspirational
Trade Paper (softcover)
296 pages, 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780983168812

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“This book is a true gem and a must read for anyone who has experienced the grief of a close personal loss. The author opens her heart, mind, and, most importantly, her soul to examine the devastation of her husband’s death and her ultimate triumph … This book is a true inspiration. She is painfully honest, open, and extremely uplifting in her writing.”
—Gary L. Malone, MD,

board certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst,
author of Five Keys for Understanding Men: A Woman’s Guide
STUNNED By Grief brings purpose and direction to the painful grief process from someone who’s been there. Judy shares ‘real life’ as she reveals how God can give you strength and courage to overcome tragedy. STUNNED will meet you right where you are. It’s a book about grief unlike any other.”
—Darrell and Stevie Waltrip,

founders of Motor Racing Outreach,
FOX Sports commentator and former NASCAR Winston Cup champion


Grief is not something you understand from a distance. STUNNED By Grief is for anyone struggling with death — or any of life’s tragic losses. This book is a no-nonsense look at the essentials — what you really need to know at first about grief. You’ll learn what is happening and what to do. Gain a realistic perspective. Discover ‘remapping’ — a fresh, personal approach that delivers a snapshot of the grieving process, to help you understand up front what is needed. Relate to the experiences of others who have been there already. Find tools, tips, and strategies to help you remap and reconnect your life after loss.

About the Author:

Judy Brizendine, author of STUNNED By Grief: Remapping your life when loss changes everything and the STUNNED By Grief Journal, is a business professional whose perspective and direction changed because of the impact of grief and loss on her life. Challenged by the difficulties she faced, Judy’s goal is to ease the struggle for others by providing a frank, personal look inside grief — and the reassurance that a full and reconnected life is possible.

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