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Regardless of Judy Brizendine’s title throughout her professional career, research and writing played key roles. And so, when considering a career shift in 2006 due to major life changes, writing skyrocketed to the top of her list—along with a desire to make a difference.

One of the important changes was marriage. Judy met Jon Kreider, a widower, years after both of their spouses died–and they were married in 2002. Their experiences of loss were completely different, so they are uniquely equipped to communicate different perspectives about the healing process.

After leading grief-support workshops together, Judy and Jon pledged to carry the message of how critical resolved grief is for future health and happiness.


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On June 16, 2015 – Judy was the guest of Melody Chardon on the series Fifty Shades of Grief –  to discuss Grief’s Wisdom – (click here to access the recording)

On Monday, Nov. 17, 2014, 2PM PDTJudy returned to Military Mom Talk Radio – along with another guest, Judy Davis – to discuss Tips for Getting Through the Holidays(click here to access the recording)

On Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, 2PM PDT – Judy appeared on Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd along with guest Judy Davis – (click here to access the recording)

On Monday, Mar. 17, 2014, 2PM PDT – Judy appeared on Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd(click here to access the recording)

On Monday, Mar. 31, 2014, 5PM PDT – Judy appeared on Get It Together Girl Radio with Karyn Beach – “It’s Not as Depressing as You Think” (click here to access the program)

Judy appeared on the Hollis Chapman Show – (here’s the recording);
YouTube video by Hollis Chapman about Stunned By Grief – (here’s the link)

Judy returned to Life’s Issues with Lloyd Rosen(here’s the recording)

Judy returned to Tremendous Life Radio – Conversations with Leaders – with Todd Weaver – (here’s the recording)




  • Listen as Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin interview Judy Brizendine on July 2, 2013 about grief, loss, transition, and transformation on Powered Up Talk Radio

LINK TO AN AUTHOR INTERVIEW of Judy Brizendine with Brian Feinblum, BookMarketingBuzzBlog:

(look about halfway down the page – Click here to read)


Judy and Jon are committed to focusing attention on grief—and working to change the way people view one of the toughest experiences each of us will face.

Their goal is to help more and more people recover from loss and live healthy, happy lives again, prompting them, in turn, to help others—thus completing the circle of God’s love.