What reviewers are saying:


“… A fellow traveler’s down-to-earth approach to grief … This book will comfort and support anyone new to grief and will serve as a companion in times of loneliness. Realistic, practical, and highly recommended.”
—Library Journal

STUNNED by Grief was named to Library Journal’s Best Books 2011: Self-Help


“STUNNED by Grief: Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything is a serious-minded self-help book that reaches out to any who are devastated by the loss of a loved one. Faith in God is a strong component of author (and widow) Judy Brizendine’s approach to slowly recovering and reorienting one’s life, but there are also a plethora of more mundane and practical tips, on everything from conquering one’s fear to learning to embrace solitude to the tremendous power of thoughts.

“A separate, consumable companion volume, STUNNED by Grief Journal (9780983168805, $16.95) encourages grievers to write down reflections and offers Bible verses to ponder while working through one’s pain.

 “STUNNED by Grief is highly recommended especially for Christian readers struggling with personal trauma.”
—The Midwest Book Review

 “Stunned by Grief is a self-help book written not by an expert, but by a so-called grief traveler who has experience with her husband tragically dying unexpectedly of a heart attack. The book is split into various parts so that the reader has many options: reading it chapter by chapter, going to the chapter/section that they want, or going back and forth. After every chapter there is a “Thought to Write About” section and “Hope Thought,” which helps the grievers answer hard questions in a journal and to be inspired by many quotes. The book is also full of very useful quotes from the Bible, quotes from other authors, poems, other grievers’ own grief accounts/stories, and the author’s own personal journey.

 “Author Judy Brizendine writes a very comprehensive, thorough book about grief through her own struggles with going through the grief process. It is written with empathy, compassion, a deep insightfulness, and deep religious beliefs about God. Even if you are not religious, this book can really help grief travelers go through each step of their recovery process.

“I chose this book to help better understand my cousin’s journey through grief as her father passed away last year – and it really helped me to get a glimpse into this difficult journey. It also provided tools to help her through this difficult time.

“Only someone going through grief can fully comprehend the full magnitude of its deep pain, but this is a wonderful resource to have with you at all times through the grief process. I would highly recommend it to anyone going through this difficult time as the advice is straight forward and offers a light at the end of the tunnel. Exceptionally well-organized and helpful! A MUST HAVE!”
—Reviewed by Christine Nguyen for Readers’ Favorite