Caution! Control Toxic Thinking and Create Positive Changes

Yellow caution light_control toxic thinking_griefBy Judy Brizendine

Caution! Does toxic thinking seem to tag along with you? If so, what difference does it make?

Even if you are besieged by toxic thinking, it’s only ‘thoughts’ – right? What harm can there be in examining something in your mind, even if you are off track? Thoughts do not necessarily lead to action. Yet, they can. And sometimes inaction rivals wrong action in its harmfulness.

Why to Control Toxic Thinking

Don’t be fooled. Toxic thinking is dangerous. It’s destructive. And it can be disastrous.

Faulty thinking, especially during grief, can create unexpected hardship and an even more difficult grief journey than is necessary.

Power of Thoughts

Sometimes we forget the power of our thoughts. Right or wrong, good or bad—our thoughts create our reality and affect our actions. In the compelling words of Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., from his book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself, “… we become the living result of our own thoughts.” Those are pretty powerful words, especially when you consider the result can either be very positive or extremely negative. Either way, we hold the key for ourselves.

When we brood over what we’ve lost or agonize over our future, nothing good comes from it. In fact, this kind of thinking pushes us toward hopelessness.

When we focus on the negative, dwell on fear, and continually question whether we’ll ever be happy again—and how we can realistically expect to put our lives back together—we’re creating discouragement.

When we tell ourselves that grief is insurmountable, we disrupt positive actions that lead to healing.

Four “D’s” of Toxic Thinking

Toxic thinking distorts the truth; discourages our attitudes; derails our actions; and delays our journeys, sometimes even before we begin to move noticeably forward.

Change your thoughts and you can change your life. This statement is true, whether we’re talking about grief or anything else we’re facing.

Think about it. Faulty thinking turns toxic when unrealistic expectations lead to unmet needs that result in unhappiness, bitterness, or any of a number of negative emotions. Success or failure is driven by your thoughts. The battleground for your mind is crucial because the winner controls your life.

You Can Create Positive Changes

You are the only one who decides what you’ll focus on. You don’t have to embrace and hold onto every thought that enters your mind. Of course, you will have negative thoughts. They will pop into your mind, but you don’t have to pitch a tent there. Will you choose to concentrate on the positive or the negative?

Choose positive and see positive changes begin to take hold. You are the only one who can make that decision.

©  2015 Judy Brizendine
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