During Grief, Don’t Jump to Conclusions Too Hastily!

Mule peering through slats of white fence against blue sky backgroundHave you hastily jumped to a conclusion during grief (or just in your daily life), later learned you seriously misjudged a situation, action, or person’s intention —  and then realized your rash judgment created a division you could not completely restore? What a devastating realization!

During grief, be aware that emotions run in high gear. And certain times, such as the holidays, can trigger reactions that are uncharacteristically intense. Your thinking may be a bit unclear. So, with these things in mind — stop and think before responding (or reacting) instinctively to whatever situation you meet.

Thinking and waiting, especially if you’re angry or hurt, is far better than saying or doing something that creates wounds that cannot be erased. Take your time. You do not have to respond immediately!

Sometimes during your grief journey, it’s necessary to extend a little grace to others. Which is more important — your relationship or being right?

Wishing you peace as you journey toward healing …

© 2011 Judy Brizendine

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