Gratitude During Grief

orange rose nestled among varied bright yellow flowersYou may be thinking, “Gratitude during grief — are you kidding?”

A friend shared something with me that changed his life. Last year he started a gratitude journal. All year long, he’s written something in his journal each day. Even on the worst of days, he’s been able to find things to be grateful for.

Before going to sleep at night, he thinks about his day and records his gratitude in his book. Each time he writes, he starts out by saying that he’s glad to be alive! He almost died. That experience changes the way you think. Some days my friend also begins his day by writing in his gratitude journal.

Writing at least one thing you’re thankful for is also part of the daily exercise in the STUNNED by Grief Journal. I agree with my friend — gratitude is life-changing. Regardless of what has happened, or how disappointing or painful your day may have been, you can always find something to appreciate — even in the depths of your grief journey.

When you remove the focus from yourself and your grief, even for a short time, you change your outlook and your attitude. When you step outside of yourself in gratitude and open your heart to something besides the pain, your action is healing. It’s hopeful. It’s positive. And it has a ripple effect.

Forget about how crazy this sounds and try it. I think your life will change just like my friend’s did!

© 2012 Judy Brizendine

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