Grief Brings Change — and You Possess a Powerful Tool!

colorful horizontal layers of sunset_peach gray green_grief_change_attitudeGrief is tied to significant loss, and grief brings change.

Whether your loss is the death of someone or the end of a relationship, loss of health or mobility, loss of your home or job, loss of your business or your assets, loss of security, or any meaningful loss, you will experience change. How you respond to the change (and this will likely be many kinds of changes)—will determine your future. How you respond sets your course in a positive or harmful way.

Attitude is one of the most powerful tools in your life, possibly the most important one. Your attitude determines how you ‘see’ what happened to you, and it will be a key element in how you respond.

Much, if not most, of what happens in your life is outside of your control. So how will you respond to the majority of events, conditions, and circumstances you face?

Think about it. Life is about learning. When we don’t get it right the first time, we usually get another chance to learn the lesson—and we keep going back to square one until we ‘get it.’

Looking back, how many times have you seen that your attitude was flawed when you failed to overcome an obstacle or push through successfully? Your attitude affects your outlook, your decisions, your relationships, your progress, your dreams, and on and on. Attitude affects everything.

When your attitude is right, nothing is beyond your reach.

Where grief is involved, when your attitude is right, you will heal faster and more completely. Your future will be hopeful because you’ll realize you have a future and that it can be bright again. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about forgetting your loved one.)

I challenge you to examine your attitude. It’s one of the most powerful tools within your reach—and the decision to harness it for your good is entirely up to you.

© 2012 Judy Brizendine

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