Grief Is Hope

trees with brigh orange leaves against smoky sky with sun peeking throughYou may be thinking, “Grief is hope? What in the world are you talking about? I’m in the middle of grief, and it sure doesn’t feel like hope! In fact, I’m struggling to stay hopeful.”

The word I haven’t been able to get out of my mind this week is ‘hope’ because I so desperately want to express this sense of hope to you. Each of us face losses of many kinds, and they are all devastating in their own ways. Our losses cause pain — and the pain is inescapable. But here’s where the hope comes in!

Grief is the way we get from pain to a fulfilling life again. When we choose to grieve, we are choosing hope, because we’ve decided to take the necessary steps to move through the pain (over time) and start living again.

Grieving does not happen automatically.

Anyone can decide to cover up his or her pain and ignore the unresolved grief. This course of action is a ticket to misery. Grieving is a hopeful and deliberate choice we make because we want to be happy again.

So I challenge you to see grief as hope — and step into it with confidence and expectation. While you would never choose the loss you face, decide to keep living, and know that you can expect a future if you choose to grieve your loss.

If you’re still here, there’s a reason, and you have a purpose. Choose grief and hope!

The decision is yours …

© 2012 Judy Brizendine

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