Hope, Trust, Joy and Wonder — Wisdom from Babes

Little girl offering cocker spaniel a taste of her ice cream coneAs 2012 ends and the anticipation of a new year (along with the prospect for new beginnings) arrives, I can’t help but think about life through the eyes of a little child. Children have the right idea—and we can take away valuable lessons for living by looking at life through their eyes.

I sensed life through a new lens this Christmas. As adults, I think we often tend to become jaded over the years—a bit cynical; less than enthusiastic about things that excited us before; and sometimes we end up just going through the motions of holidays, celebrations, and even our everyday lives.

This Christmas, I peeked at life through the eyes of a six-month-old baby grandson! I re-experienced the pure joy that flashed into his eyes when I did something silly to make him laugh. I saw his wonder at ordinary things like strolling through a store and seeing new sights. I felt his unquestioning trust.

Just watch little kids. They have the right idea! They can have just as much fun with an empty box or a wooden spoon and pan as a new expensive toy. Their eyes light up when they recognize someone. They laugh at the tiniest urging. New, interesting sights, objects, and activities captivate them. Our little grandson recently discovered his hands—and we caught him gazing at them as though they were the most interesting wonders in the world. He was mesmerized as he watched his fingers move and turned his hands in all directions!

Children live in a world of trust, joy and wonder. They don’t hold grudges or make judgments. If they get upset about something, in the twinkle of an eye they’ve already forgotten what upset them and moved on. They clean their slates continuously and automatically. They don’t dwell on the negative. They constantly look ahead to whatever is next.

God says that to find him, we must become like little children. Trusting, sincere, receptive. There must be something very important in this message about ‘becoming like little children.’ I think we can learn much about living and living well from these babes.

One of my goals for 2013 is to try more and more to see things through the eyes of a child. How about you?

© 2013 Judy Brizendine

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2 Responses to “Hope, Trust, Joy and Wonder — Wisdom from Babes”

  1. Todd Weaver says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It seems to me that once we make the decision to begin to recover from anything; grief, addiction, codependency or the like, we begin to see the world in a whole new light. Like recovering what we once had, the vision, trust, joy and wonder of a child. It’s unfortunate that it usually takes some seemingly tragic or catastrophic event or events to motivate us to move in a different direction. Once we do, we can then share our own experiences in the process and be very useful to others, just like you have done. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Todd, for taking the time to read the article and share your thoughts! And thank you for your kind words.

      What you’ve said is true–and it’s really unfortunate that something devastating often has to happen to us before we’re motivated to change. We go through life oftentimes with blinders on, I think, or on ‘autopilot.’ Thankfully, certain circumstances or events or people break through and get our attention–just like our little grandson did this Christmas! We’re jolted back to the beauty and joy that life is meant to be. Yes, we do face trials. And they’re tough. But life itself is meant to be beautiful.

      Thank you for the important, encouraging, and uplifting work you do!