Inspirational Authors Persevered to Share Heartfelt Messages

By Judy Brizendine

ReadersFavoriteBooth_Miami Book Fair_Authors_Life Changing MessagesI recently returned from an author’s event in Miami and one of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with incredible people! I met a number of amazing award-winning authors who persevered to share heartfelt messages with people everywhere. They persisted, in spite of obstacles and challenges — physical, emotional, and sometimes monetary — because they were passionate about sharing stories and messages to help other people.



Inspirational Author Stories

  • David has already beaten the odds because he was supposed to have died by now. He has a progressive type of bone cancer, and the doctors gave him a bleak prognosis with a short time to live. They warned him to get his affairs in order. David is determined to stay alive for his family. He told me he had waited a long time for a son, and he’s not ready to leave him. I’m convinced he will never give up or give in! He’s written a book, not about having cancer, but about living your best life every single day, regardless of your circumstances.


  • Sandy, a seventy-year-old woman who is also fighting health problems, is determined to carry out her mission. In fact, she was confined to a wheelchair for a year following an extensive and invasive surgery. During that time, and for several more years, she taught herself how to do illustrations because she planned a series of fifteen children’s books and she needed to be able to illustrate as well as write the books. Her books teach children Christian principles and scripture-based values and help them learn about God in a fun way. Two books are out now; she’s working on the third, and plans to keep on going. The books are an extension of her long-time work teaching kids about the love of God.


  • Libby, a precious lady who is a retired school teacher, has written a book about her beloved dog who happened to be the same breed as the state dog of North Carolina. Until her dog Lucky died, the two of them traveled around to schools together to teach kids about this special breed of dog, to educate them about some of the state’s history, and to promote animal rescue. Lucky was a very special dog Libby and her husband rescued, and he was a tremendous blessing to his owners and to everyone he met. Libby will continue to carry on Lucky’s legacy by faithfully doing the work they started together.


  • Sondra and her adopted daughter Chanel wrote a book together about the daughter’s challenges to live with the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Chanel speaks at schools and other organizations to educate people, including kids, about the effects of drinking alcohol while pregnant, a subject they’re both obviously passionate about. Chanel struggles every day with the effects caused by FAS. Their goal is to put an end to this 100% preventable form of mental retardation.


  • Kandy is a woman who has an extraordinary love for animals, and she devotes a great deal of her time to animal training and animal rescue. She’s written a book about a memorable horse she rescued many years ago. Her horse has already lived beyond the typical lifespan of a horse, but Kandy has a special way with animals. Long lifespans seem to be the norm for animals that are fortunate to be under her loving care. She wrote a book from the viewpoint of her horse named Pie – which gives readers a vastly different way of seeing and thinking about an animal.


  • Lori is a very special lady who is also a wife and mom — and she has written a fun, science fiction type of book designed specifically to appeal to kids and teach them about bullying, how to make wise choices, and how to stand strong together with other kids. She is dedicated to helping kids, and she travels around speaking to groups to educate and inspire them.


  • Kizzie is a warm, compassionate woman with a love for dachshunds and the ocean, and she wrote a children’s book that combines these elements along with the power of love and the magic of the sea to delight kids and readers of all ages everywhere.


  • Louise is a retired school teacher who has loved and pursued writing for as long as she can remember. As a teacher of writing, she tried to instill in her students the power and possibilities (and from her description, I’d also say ‘wonder’) of the written word. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the mid-90’s, and afterward began to think about what she still wanted to accomplish in her life. Writing a book was one of those important things still on her list. In Louise’s words, “It was important to me to send a message about what’s really important in life: family, friends, doing your best, honoring commitments, and most of all, persevering, even when it would be easier to give up.” So she wrote a book for kids.

Share Heartfelt Messages – A Challenge for Each of Us

This is a snapshot of a few unique people I met. There were many others, too! They come from all walks of life, widely varying ages, and completely different circumstances; yet, each person has made sacrifices to bring his or her passion to life in the form of books. Some of their obstacles have been great. Some are life-threatening. However, each person believes steadfastly in their work, the message he or she is bringing, and its value to other people. That’s why they have done whatever was (and is) necessary to meet the goal.

I’m inspired by each person. To them, the goal is worth the price.

Each one of us has a unique life experience. We’ve faced different challenges. We’ve learned particular lessons. We have distinct talents and abilities. Each of us has something to share that will help and inspire other people.

What will you share? Your story is important. We’re in this thing called ‘Life’ together. Each of us has a part to play. No one else can play your part. What will you share?

© 2013 Judy Brizendine

Here’s where you can find these award-winning authors:

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