Remembering 9/11 — We Were Stunned by Grief

Waves breaking on the beach and puffy clouds in a sunrise sky9/11 was an unforgettable day in the life of our nation. It was a day of tragedy, horror, disbelief, pain, sadness, and the end of life as we had known it before. We were stunned by grief.

But beyond the collective grief of all Americans, for those who lost loved ones that day, 9/11 and what it represents in their lives will never be forgotten — as is the case for each of us who has suffered the profound loss of someone or something that means everything to us. 9/11 is a symbol for all who have known deep loss — but I want to convince you that it’s also a symbol of hope and determination.

Each person who is alive will experience grief. If you haven’t already, it’s just a matter of time. Grief is a fact of life. But what is even more tragic than your loss is for you to allow grief to define the remainder of your life!

Some don’t even recognize that what they’re feeling is grief, so they don’t treat the source of the pain — they just try to cover it up.

Like the sunrise in the photo here, each ending is also a new beginning. And the waves keep on rolling in, over and over again. You will never forget your loved ones, nor should you. But neither is it healthy to keep living in the past, holding on to the wounds and the pain to try and keep your loved ones near. Some have tried and discovered that this doesn’t work. Holding on only makes you miserable and prolongs your pain.

Allow yourself to face the pain and take the steps to remap your life. Honor your loved ones (and yourself) by living again! Bring something good out of the most painful time of your life.

Decide to face the future with hope! The choice is yours …

© 2011 Judy Brizendine

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