Seeking Help with Grief Is Not a Sign of Weakness — but an Act of Courage!

Horse taking a stand in a field of yellow flowersGrief is a vulnerable time — and it’s easy to be swayed by guilt. We think we should be stronger than we feel and more self-sufficient than we are. When we don’t live up to our own expectations, let alone anyone else’s, we feel guilty and incapable. Before we realize what’s happening, we can fall into a negative downward spiral when we’re under such pressure.

Treat yourself gently when you’re facing grief! The grieving process may be the hardest thing you  have ever done. And when you’re tempted to be too hard on yourself, remember what you’re going through.

No one should try to face grief alone.

During grief, everyone needs someone. At this time, concentration is challenging — and most likely you will not be operating at your best. Sometimes the added help of a therapist, physician, pastor, or other professional is needed.

We tend to think that if we ask for help, we’re admitting we can’t handle things by ourselves. But sometimes the wisest, most courageous thing you can do is to get help.

Be wise, take a stand, and obtain whatever support you need as you work through the grief that leads to healing.

© 2011 Judy Brizendine

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