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Grief Is Sudden and Shocking – Coping with Grief

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Photo of American flagNo one is ever ready to face the grief of loss. And when it happens, it’s typically shocking, surprising, and sudden.

The August 6 deaths of thirty-eight people on a military helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan were a jolting reminder of the way grief invades our lives. We’re seldom prepared for the toll it will take on us — and how it changes everything instantly.

If you haven’t faced a devastating loss before, grief is a confusing stranger. When it happened to me, I didn’t understand, and I didn’t know what to do or think. Even if you’ve already faced grief and you have an idea what to expect, the pain is no less real when it strikes again — nor is the remapping process any less needed. There’s a path to follow to reach a place of peace and renewal once more.

Have you met grief? Please don’t try to face it alone. Let us help you find your way.

© 2011 Judy Brizendine